Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Is the electricity and gas use included in the rental price?"
A: Yes, it is included.

Q: "Does the house have a phone?"
A: No, but there is a phone box about 100 metres away in the village square.

Q: "Is bed linen included in the rental?"
A: No, if bed linen is required a flat rate charge of £8 will be added to the rental.

Q: "Is there a washing machine?"
A: No, there is not one at the house.

Q: "How far is it to nearest town?"
A: The nearest town is Tonnerre, which is about 10 minutes by car.

Q: "Are there any shops or bars in Mélisey?"
A: A patisserie van comes to Mélisey daily.

Q: "Are there parking spaces near the house?"
A: Parking is about 15m away in a tree lined section of road