Some useful links

The following are some hyper-links that might help with your holiday planning.  

The weather in France (allegedly!)

Travel by train
French railway timetable - great for days out using Tonnerre railway station

Like to play golf whilst on holiday? - try this hyperlink for a list of golf 
courses in Burgundy (the nearest to the house is at Tanlay! about 15-20 minutes drive)

Disc Golf Disc
Disc Golf
If you like golf but like frisbees even more, this could be just the thing!

Bicycle hire available in Tonnerre (at the tourist office)

Fancy some relaxed fishing in the canals?

Enjoy canoeing or cycling in the countryside?


Local Restaurants

Local Restaurants in Tonnerre
Somewhere to go locally for a meal

Burgundy tourist office
Burgundy Regional Tourism

Tonnerre tourist office
Tonnerre tourist office (the nearest major town to Mélisey)

Route planning
Want to plan your route through France?  Go here! (includes cumulative toll fees for journeys)